Razer Kishi Mobile Game Controller / Gamepad for Android USB-C: Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, xCloud, Stadia, GeForce NOW, Luna – Passthrough Charging – Low Latency Phone Controller Grip – Samsung, Pixel

    정상가격 : $ 89.99 ( ₩ nan 원 )

    추천가격 : $ 39.99 ( ₩ nan 원 )

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    국내배송비 : $ 12.99 ( ₩ nan 원 )

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    • Universal Mobile Gaming Controller: Designed to bring console-level control to your phone for gaming anywhere
    • Cloud and Mobile Gaming: Compatible with leading cloud gaming services including Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, Stadia, Amazon Luna, GeForce NOW, & Steam Link; & hundreds of popular mobile games including Fortnite, Minecraft, Roblox, Brawlhalla, Asphalt 9: Legends, Black Desert Mobile, emulators, & many more.
    • Refine Your Aim and Execution: Clickable analog thumbsticks provide greater accuracy and tactile feedback, and the performance buttons and d-pad deliver precision input
    • Latency-Free Gameplay: Unlike Bluetooth controllers which produce lag, the controller has zero latency by directly connecting to the device’s charging port
    • USB Type C Charging Port: For pass-through charging of your phone or tablet while using the controller
    • Ergonomic, Flexible Design for a Comfortable Handheld Grip: Designed for long gaming sessions, the controller feels great to hold and can be stretched and clamped on most Android phones, providing a secure hold that won’t come loose during gaming

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